WooCommerce integration with Envía.com

Shipping has never been easier. With the Envia Shipping integration you can create up to 500 labels with a single click.


Follow the steps to install Envia.com with your store. It is important that you review the video to have the settings correctly.

Quick Setup

  1. Enter our online portal www.envia.com
  2. In Integrations select Woocommerce.
  3. Choose Integrate Envia Shipping and the Pluggin will be downloaded correspondent.
  4. In the Dashboard of your Woocommerce store, go to Pluggins.
  5. Add a new one and in Upload Pluggin * load it to activate it.
  6. Then go to Orders, choose one and load the access keys.
  7. Update the Token and approve the permission of envia.com
  8. Verify that your email is the same as your store.
  9. Set the source address.
  10. Go back to your dashboard and in Orders, you should appear to create a new one with Envia Shipping
  11. You already have your WooCommerce store integrated with the best E-commerce logistics portal.

Advanced Options

Create orders in a simple way. You can customize the size of your boxes and shipping addresses.

Content import

The quote is optional. You can activate or deactivate it as many times as you want from the configuration section of our Envia.com App. All this from the APP -> Envia.com section in your WooCommerce administrator.
Remember that you must assign a source address, this will be used by the quoting to obtain the shipping prices.

For the proper functioning of the Quote, you must assign real weights and sizes to your products. Otherwise it could be misquoted.

With our integrated application in your store you will have access to all your orders from our platform automatically, this will help you to quote and generate guides without the need to leave our portal. Get the most out of our tools.

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